The main mistakes men make in bed

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This article discusses the most common mistakes men make in sex, according to women. If you can avoid some physiological problems by using products of this type, then we will talk about other difficulties.

The main mistakes

  • Selfishness. As a rule, it is peculiar to young and inexperienced lovers. With age, men become more attentive to the feelings of his partner. But this does not mean that you have to wait five years until your man will forget about himself and take care of your orgasm. The most common mistake women make is that if she loves a man, she will fake an orgasm, even if sex ended on the first chorus of your favorite song. For a woman, sex is not a race against the clock. Above all, it’s about emotional and spiritual communication.
  • Hygiene. Another sore subject. The golden rule is to wash every day. Let’s say you’re close to Alain Delon in appearance, but if you smell like a male baboon, then within a radius of 50 meters you won’t see any females. Particular attention must be paid to the legs and armpits, fresh socks and deodorant to help you. The golden rule, by the way, applies not only to you but also to your clothes. Shirts should be freshly laundered and ironed, otherwise a woman’s nose will smell yesterday’s clothes.
  • Location. For a woman, a romantic setting is very important. Therefore, your “bachelor” den should be turned into a kind of a love nest. Agree, dirty dishes and scattered in the corners of things cause a desire to clean up, but not to have sex. Also worth taking care about the music. Use the Internet, and it will tell you what version of music will help you to create an intimate atmosphere.
  • Contraception. In your inner pocket you should always have a pair of condoms. Ask why? Open the trunk of your car, do you see a spare? You’re not going to get a flat tire today, so why carry it around with you? That’s right, just in case. It’s exactly the same story with contraception. If you don’t care about your health, a woman always thinks about her safety. So, no condom, no sex.

  • The rush. Sometimes it seems like you did everything right, but intimacy never came. A restaurant, a walk around the city at night, flowers. All right, you’re on the right track. But women are indecisive creatures. She can hesitate for a long time to make her decision. Just be patient. There is no need to make mistakes and insistently drag her to her home, thus you will only scare her away.
  • Stereotypes. All women are completely different. One likes long foreplay, the other likes to talk after sex until morning, the third prefers oral caresses. And this is normal. You should not completely transfer the experience from previous partners to your current chosen one. Trying to learn something from porn movies is also not a good idea. The surest way to find out what exactly your date likes, is just to ask. Trivial, but effective.

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