Confirmed Acknowledgement Awards:


The Widmark Award

The Widmark Award honours those who have made an outstanding, sustained and meritorious contribution to the field that has led to international standing and respect. Candidates must have an impressive record of accomplishments that signify pre-eminence in the field.


The Haddon Award

The Haddon Award recognizes those who have advocated scientifically based changes to public policy which have reduced the adverse effects of alcohol or other drugs in traffic safety.

The nominations for the Widmark e Haddon awards should be sent to Mary Sheehan ([email protected])

*Nominations must be made by a full member of ICADTS and be seconded by a full member. Candidates for the Awards can be nominated for their accomplishments in any of the following areas: behavioural toxicology, human psychopharmacology, forensic toxicology, epidemiology, law and law enforcement, technology, public information and education, public policy, legal medicine and social or behavioural sciences.


Young Scientists Award

The ICADTS Foundation has also funded stipends to young scientists (35 years and younger) to help them attend T2016 in Gramado, Brazil. The winners of these stipends will be introduced at the conference.