T2016 in the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety

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Last November, worldwide authorities convened in Brazilia to attend the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety. The event featured four high-level panels  discussing the results of the Decade of Action for Road Safety as well as indicators and next steps in pursuit the goals of the decade. At the same time, several talks organized by different governments, non-profit organizations and other road safety-related entities took place.

Prior to the conference, the National Secretariat on Drug Policies/ Ministry of Justice (SENAD / MJ) and Collaborating Centre on Alcohol and Drugs HCPA / SENAD presented the workshop “Psychoactive Substance Detection Technologies in drivers and their utilization by the Police.” The Chairs of the Scientific Comitee for T2016, Flavio Pechansky and Tanara Sousa were responsible for the workshop that aimed to: i) present state-of-the-art methods concerning drug detection technologies on drivers during enforcement activities; II) discuss the best deployment options in Brazilian context with key players from all over the country. Afterwards, along with other members of the Collaborating Centre involved in a research project about screening Technologies (funded by SENAD), the team attended the conference and promoted T2016.